Gay marriage, Muslin Patrol, What are we doing right or wrong?

I’ve been reading, watching and listening to the gay marriage debate since David Cameron decided that he would put it forward for legislation at the end of 2012.

It took quite a lot of people by surprise as this was not in the coalition agreement neither on the Conservative Party manifesto. I once had very strong views about gay marriage but since moving to England and spend quite a lot of time in Soho area, where a worked, I started to understand and by meeting some amazing gay people. I do think that civil partnership covers pretty much everything a marriage would, apart from celebrating it at church, mosque, synagogue or any religious temple, and there is where most of the controversy lays on as far as I can see. Religions groups are bracing themselves because they feel their basic rights have not been preserved and also because the basic foundation of religion is on that a marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. This has been the case for thousands of years and we have a big fight on our hands if we are to change the mentality of this section of our society. We can agree with their principles or not but it is clear that we also need to respect their views on it.

I once heard someone saying that we should not even waste our time discussing it because the population of gays and lesbians in UK is so small “one fifth of one per cent” which would be around 120.000 people, is too small for such big uproar. Clearly this is not a good excuse not debate the issue but at the same time we need to make sure, we do not create further fractions and divisions in our society.

There are already stories of some gay people being bullied in some areas in London, which will create even more tensions between our society. Have a look at the video below from some insane people “Muslin Patrol” claiming they live in a muslin area.

Check this article by Andrew Gilligan:

What are your thoughts on this very heated subject? Leave your comments and also Share it.


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