Horse meat scandal

Hi everyone,

New week, new topic. horse meat scandal that has been on the news in the last couple of weeks. It’s now clear that most of our cheap ready meals from Tesco, Aldi, Asda and other supermarkets didn’t just have cow’s meat but horse meat, I now wonder if any of the companies in the supply chain have bothered to understand our close relationship with horses, and that one day this would come out and destroy their reputation.

The government is now talking about an international conspiracy and it may be too complicated to Analise all meat products that come to the United Kingdom. Surely they should at least stop importing it from the companies involved until the analysis are finished so they could have a  better understanding of what these companies are putting in our food.

Our major institutions have been serious damaged in the last 5 years or so, you name it, “Parliament and MP‘s expense; Banks and the whole “credit crunch fiasco”; The Newspaper and the Police with the “Hacking scandal”; even our beloved NHS has been doing things on the wrong way, who will be next, I wonder?

There are quite a lot of people out there bother about the fact that they changed cow meat to horse meat, my main concern here it not about that but more important trust, how do I know they are not doing the same with other products, this can easily be the top of the iceberg. I recently watched a documentary “50 shocking facts about Diet and Exercise” on channel 5, the part where they said that the most common ingredient to soften bread is chicken feathers, can you believe it? They also inject fat into it to last longer! So should we be surprise that supermarkets are abusing the system to constantly keep their sales higher every year and reduce quality of our products?

Lastly they are not only changing the products in our food but keeping telling us nothing has changed, why not check the size of our traditional products, are they still the same? Have the price been reduced as well?

Let’s share it to as many people so we can put extra pressure at the government

A little thing to cheer you up, watch this youtube video is hilarious:

horse meat scandal horse1 horse2


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