Unemployed Britain

As the United Kingdom government announces another falling in the numbers of people out of work and this being the best result since records began I wonder, how is this possible? We are in the middle of an almost triple recession, standard of living is falling on its fastest rate since record began, inflation is holding above the bank of England target of 2% and not least we have now lost our triple AAA status.

So let’s try to have an understanding on where we are. Do you know anyone looking for jobs? What are their stories? I left my job last year so I could support my wife after our little daughter was born. Although I am working with Forever Living Products, we felt that it would be good to get a job in the meantime so we could make sure we were financially sounded until the Forever Living Products business is running smoothly. However I’ve been sending hundreds of CV’s and most of the times nobody bothers to reply but when they do they say my skills haven’t match their criteria. Or they have a number of applicants and although I have a great CV, they have decided to go with someone that fits their concept. Or even better, you are over qualified for this position.unemployment1

I come from a background in IT and Business and my last position was General Manager. I am origin from Brazil and have been living in the UK since 2002 and started my career working as a Kitchen Porter until my last position. Prior to it I only had work with big companies in my country. I am not saying that because I should be offer a job for the reason above; just feel that for the jobs that I am applying at the moment, it is unbelievable that you can’t get a simple job interview. Even food retailers, I get answers saying that I haven’t match the skills needed, for god sake what kind of skills you need to have to stack shelves, selling stupid sandwiches, coffee, bloody hot water with tea and milk.

HMV has closed another 37 stores with 464 people losing their jobs, announced today. This is on the top of 116 stores closed at the beginning of January. Then there are (Comet, Jessops, Blockbuster, Ford, Republic and others). So with all these people losing their jobs and income, how can employment numbers are rising?

I recently applied for a position to work in a bank, very basic role “customer service officer” with a salary of £15k and work Monday to Friday 37.5 hours a week. They asked two questions on two separate subjects. First subject was openness, I had to describe two situations that I have connected with a customer or a person and what was the outcome.
Second subject was stand on your feet, show how you behave when I situation that you do not agree, how did you approach the situation and what was the outcome. These were after 2 online assessments that I had to do.unemployment

Right the result was that apparently one of my questions did not match what they were expecting; therefore I was not offer the position.

Ahahahaaha, I feel much better now that I got it out of my chest.

This video is sort of ironic as she is talking about people not being able to get jobs in UK because of foreigners, I guess it is my fault then……..


Why get involved with Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing?

I am going to tell a bit about me first. I left Brazil in 2002 to follow a dream, this dream was to learn English and travel across Europe but I wanted to learn proper English in England where it started, with all its history and craziness. I had just finished a technical college degree in computer science and I had two options: forget about my dream and go to university so I could have a better qualification on my curriculum vitae “resume” or move to England and follow my dream.

So in October 2002 I left a warm and friendly Sao Paulo, Brazil and arrived in a cold and unfriendly London Heathrow airport. I was held at the airport because the immigration officer thought I didn’t have the right documentation “money” to come over. After eight hours waiting they finally allowed me to enter the UK on a one year visa. This was perfect as I only had to apply for one further extension on my visa and them go back home, right?

Well not quite, there was only one thing I had not anticipated, meeting my girlfriend, whom is now my wife. Cutting a long story short almost 11 years after, married with an amazing woman, a bonsai tree, a little dog called “SUKI” and the latest gorgeous little daughter in my life, I am still in England, Greater London to be more precise and still living the dream.

That is my story until March 2012 when our daughter was born. I had a very busy job which took most of my weekly hours, although I enjoyed it. But when I first saw my daughter’s eye opening and my smile met my wife’s jubilation holding her little girl. I knew that I had to do something different; it could not be business as usual. The company I was working with decided that the business needed a new restructure and that my position would most likely not be available anymore. They offered me a redundancy package, which was almost what I had in mind and after talking to my wife we decided that enough was enough.

Since then I tried to open my own business, an online shop selling made in London clothes, using organic materials from countries around Europe so that we could keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible and obviously try to bring manufacturing back to UK. I am yet to start this venture but I still believe it could be viable in the future.

I then decided to find something different, working from home, earning a decent income for us. I was approached by someone about Forever Living Products which I felt could be the ideal job and company to give me that freedom, lifestyle, no retirement worries and family time. I really liked the concept but I also felt that the sales side of it could be a deal breaker. I am not a sales person, you see, I managed people, loads of them but sales; I knew I could not do it. I signed up for it but could not get sponsors or even sales through my website so I started to work on social media.

I would like to hear other people’s experience in Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing so I can avoid bumps along the way.

Bring on…….